Guaranteed Issue Health

Are you part of the health insurance crisis affecting millions of Americans? The US Census shows that over 40 million people are uninsured.


If you are one of them and have been denied coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition, WE HAVE THE ANSWER! Headquarter Insurance offers medical indemnity plans from many carriers that are GUARANTEED ISSUE.


Yes, we will guarantee your acceptance in a health plan that includes:


  • doctor visits
  • hospitalization
  • surgery
  • mental health benefits
  • prescriptions
  • and more!


Guaranteed Issue Insurance is a form of health coverage that offers extra protection should you or a family member become hospitalized. It pays a fixed amount for each day, week, or month that you or they are in the hospital, and can be used for medical or other expenses.


Some hospital Guaranteed Issue policies will pay the specified fixed amount even if you have other types of health insurance. Others may coordinate benefits so that the money you receive doesn’t equal more than 100% of the hospital bill.


Hospitalization can be a difficult time, and the last thing you want to worry about is loss of income or paying bills. Guaranteed Issue Insurance can help you rest a little easier knowing those extra expenses may be paid, protecting your savings and retirement plans. Call us today to speak with us about Guaranteed Issue Insurance.